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A fulminant start into 2015 with new mandates from both, the oil refining and power generation industry, is proving the leadership of Lohrmann Group as a provider of fast-track solutions for the energy market, and also marking a new milestone of Lohrmann Group history as succesful co-developer of power and refinery projects worldwide.

Within Europe Lohrmann Group has proven its outstanding position as partner of the power industry for the sale and relocation of redundant power plants. Most of the leading European utilities benefit from Lohrmann's long term experience, network and decades of relocation know-how.

Learn more about our fast-track-mentality by the unique combination of pre-owned equipment, engineering and services competence.


16.02.2015 NEW MANDATES: 105,000 bpd, 135,000 bpd & 160,000 bpd Oil Refineries

The oil refineries Ref. ProOil-321, ProOil-322 and ProOil-323 meet the EU 2009 mandatory maximum sulfur limit of 10 ppm for gasoline and diesel. For further details and information on our pre-owned oil refineries portfolio...[more]

12.02.2015 SPECIAL OFFER: 100 MW HFO fired Diesel generator plant

The pre-owned Heavy Fuel Oil fired Diesel Generator Plant Ref.-Nr.: DG-32.05 is a complete power plant complex with 14 x 7 MW Caterpillar engine gensets. It has been maintained according to OEM guidelines and is in excellent...[more]